Community Leaders

As a community leader, it is within your power to help end this epidemic by educating yourselves and spreading the critical message to those in your community about the dangers of misusing and abusing medicine. Your participation can act as a substantial step toward helping to curb this dangerous issue affecting our communities.

Medicine Abuse Project

The Medicine Abuse Project created a resource page that is tailored to individual sectors with the understanding that every community is different, facing its own unique challenges. This resource will help community police officers, school nurses, coaches, teachers, medical and treatment providers tools that will reduce and respond to substance abuse issues in your neighborhood

National Education Association

To help educators and others address this problem, NEA Healthy Futures has developed Rx for Understanding, a standards-based teaching resource. A guide for middle school and a guide for high school are available for download



The GAINS Center                

The GAINS Center focuses on expanding access to community-based services for adults diagnosed with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders at all points of contact with the justice system


NIDA Screening Tool

This 9-page guide from NIDA is a reference on how to screen and assess for risk of drug abuse

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